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Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons player grades

Kevin Love and LeBron James starred for the Cavs.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Here are your player grades for the Cleveland Cavaliers 116-88 win over the Detroit Pistons:

LeBron James: A-

LeBron was a flamethrower to start this game. He was showing off his improved jumper early raining down threes and turnaround shots. He cooled off as the game progressed and took a few lazy heat-checks, but his 18 points and eight assists in 27 minutes still made for a solid game.

Kevin Love: A+

With 19 points and 11 rebounds in just 26 minutes, Love had one of his more solid performances of the season. It didn’t matter who Detroit put on him, Love found a way to take advantage. He was active moving off ball and was rewarded by his teammates. Pretty much exactly what you’d hope to see from him.

Jae Crowder: A

Speaking of what you’d hope to see, seeing Crowder play like this is enough to warm the heart of any Cavs fan as winter approaches. He was active on both ends, hit some shots from the outside and was effective as a cutter. There’s no reason performances like this shouldn’t be the norm for Crowder.

Jose Calderon: A+

The Cavs actually received competent guard play for a change as Jose Calderon stepped up and had a significant impact in this game. He took care of the ball, hit open shots and didn’t try to do too much. Essentially everything Derrick Rose didn’t do during his starts.

J.R. Smith: C

One of the lone disappointments on a great night, Smith was quiet with a 1-5 outing. He had a couple nice plays and wasn’t bad defensively, but he just wasn’t a noteworthy factor in this game.

Channing Frye: A

The professionalism Frye has shown this season really shouldn’t be taken for granted. Every time the team has called on him he has come prepared and performed.

Jeff Green: B

Not the best game Green has played all year, but he did have some impressive dunks.

Dwyane Wade: B+

Wade was impressive in his role as backup point guard and did a good job managing the game. It’s evident that the team is benefiting from his leadership and that he has settled into his role with the team.

Kyle Korver: A-

Korver only took 4 shots, but converted 3 of them. Yet it’s clear at this point that teams have a renewed fear when he is moving around the court and the Cavs took advantage of the space created by his off-ball movement on multiple occasions.

Cedi Osman: GOAT

The rookie looked far more comfortable this evening and was decisive while he was on the court. It’s clear that the team shouldn’t really be asking him to put the ball on the floor too often. However, his energy should be rewarded with more minutes in the future, especially if the team continues their winning ways.