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Cavs would consider DeAndre Jordan-Tristan Thompson swap, per report

It, though, is not an actual report.

Los Angeles Clippers v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

According to’s Joe Vardon, the Cavaliers would consider a DeAndre Jordan-Tristan Thompson swap. Per Vardon, it is not clear if the Cavs would give up the Nets pick to get Jordan in a possible deal.

There are a few things to consider here. For one, the source is described as league source, and not a team one. That would seem to indicate that the person saying the Cavs would consider a swap doesn’t have direct knowledge of the situation. Secondly, it’s unclear if the Cavs would actually give up for Jordan, who can be a free agent next summer if he declines his player option. Considering how much the Cavs valued that pick this summer in trade talks, it seems they’d give it up for Jordan.

Jordan, though, could be available if the Clippers continue to struggle and the Cavs decide he’d help against the Warriors enough to potential give up Thompson. But for now, it’s just speculation.