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LeBron James talks about the Cavs’ winning streak and getting ejected

James took to Uninterrupted to talk about the Cavs’ recent run of play.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

While at the airport as the Cavaliers head to Atlanta for the Cavs’ Thursday game against the Hawks, LeBron James took to Uninterrupted, the media platform James owns, to talk about the Cavs’ win streak and being ejected for the first time.

When discussing the former, James talked about the team’s nine-game winning streak being a product of the team being more comfortable with one another.

“Adding seven new guys is difficult, and early on, we saw that,” James said. “We didn’t know each other, both on the floor and off the floor. The trust wasn’t there, and I just think we are getting better and better and better with every road trip, every game and it’s resulted in us winning nine straight.

James also joked that he was a ‘distraction’ to the Cavs and that it was good that he got ejected on Tuesday vs. the Heat. He then talked about the team finding a groove before a slew of injured players return.

“The Land, your team is back and we don’t even have [Tristan Thompson] back. We don’t even have [Isaiah Thomas] back. And [Derrick Rose] is still gone,” he said. “We still got more. We look forward to the future, but right now, we’re going to keep doing what we’re doing until the whole group is back, and keep this thing rollin’.”