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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Milwaukee Bucks player grades

J.R. Smith seems to be back!

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Here are player grades for the Cavs’ win over the Bucks. As always, share yours below.

LeBron James: A-

James had some lapses on defense. But he came close to a triple-double, scored 30 points and successfully dueled Giannis for most of the night. He was LeBron, basically.

Kevin Love: A+

For the second time this year, Love was excellent against the Bucks. He rebounded, battled inside and lead the Cavs in scoring. After he was dreadful against the Hawks — perhaps due to his illness — he was the Cavs’ best player on Tuesday.

J.R. Smith: A

Welcome back, J.R. Smith. He hit threes, played solid defense after a slow-ish start and helped the Cavs maintain a lead when James and Love sat to start the fourth. This was by far his best game of the season.

Dwyane Wade: B+

This game was a glimpse at what Wade fitting in looks like. He carried the offense when James and Love sat while filling in as a complimentary piece when he shared the floor with Wade and Love. Plus, he tried on defense!

Derrick Rose: D

Rose’s best moments were when he scored on a few drives to the rim. Other than that, he committed four turnovers against two assists, did nothing to really lead the offense and consistently lost his man on defense. It’s telling that he did not see a single minute in the fourth quarter, although that also could have been because of his minutes restriction.

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Jae Crowder: C

Crowder struggled to defend Giannis Antetokounmpo inside, as is to be expected. He also didn’t rebound well and finished 1-5 from the field. Notably, he was off the floor in crunch time and was replaced by Iman Shumpert.

Kyle Korver: C

Almost all of Korver’s value is tied to him making threes, so finishing 1-4 from three dings him a bit. But still fought on defense and was part of the non-LeBron/Love lineup that held off the Bucks to start the fourth.

Iman Shumpert: B

Shumpert’s return was a welcome one for the Cavs. He only freelanced on offense once, fought on defense and was solid enough to get the nod over Crowder and Rose in the fourth. This is what the Cavs want from him every night.

Jeff Green: B-

Green’s one basket — a dunk set up by a perfect LeBron pass on the break — was a highlight, and he was part of the fourth quarter unit that held off the Bucks. Shooting 1-5 from the field, however, dings him, especially when many of his shots were forced.