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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Houston Rockets player grades

Past Jeff Green and LeBron James, there wasn’t many positive things in this game.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Here are player grades for the Cavs’ road loss against the Rockets. As always, share yours below.

LeBron James: B

James was the Cavaliers’ best player again, adding 33 points, seven assists and four rebounds, but the nine turnovers was really costly. LeBron has to stop giving the other team extra possessions — especially with Cleveland’s leaky defense.

Jeff Green: A+

Green was the reason the Cavaliers even were in this game, scoring 16 of Cleveland’s 20 points in one stretch during the second quarter. He finished the game with 27 points, while only missing four shots.

Kevin Love: B-

After a great appearance against Milwaukee, Love seemed out of place in this game — on both ends of the floor. He ended the game with only six two-point attempts, which isn’t a recipe for success.

J.R. Smith: B

Smith wasn’t as electric as he was against the Bucks, but he continued to fire three-pointers away, taking eight and connecting on three of those. He finished the game with 13 points.

Dwyane Wade: C

Wade was a minus-21 tonight, the worst plus/minus for any Cavalier tonight by faaaaar. The next closest was J.R. Smith at minus-6.

Jae Crowder: C

Crowder was underwhelming tonight to say the least, with his only field goal coming on a 28-foot heave. He’s going to need to be better for the Cavaliers to be competitive this season.

Kyle Korver: C-

Korver was awful in those one, only hitting one three-pointer — the sole reason he sees the floor every night. In his limited action, he wasn’t very effective tonight.

Iman Shumpert: B+

Shumpert seems to be finding a groove and proving why he should see the floor more than Derrick Rose — especially after the return of Isaiah Thomas. Shumpert was solid on both ends and even dished out five assists.

Channing Frye: B-

Frye showed up for six minutes, hit one three-point attempt and was a minus-4 for his time on the floor. For a player that hasn’t been on the floor much, it wasn’t a bad cameo.