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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Los Angeles Lakers: game preview, start time, TV information

Let the #HeGone drums begin rolling again!

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Cavaliers bounced back from their win streak-busting loss to the Pacers with two solid wins against the 76ers and then Hawks. They have another easy matchup in this homestand against the Los Angeles Lakers. LA is certainly a plucky squad, and they’ve got intriguing young talent, but they can’t match the Cavaliers and shouldn’t at home.

Who: Cleveland Cavaliers (20-8) vs. Los Angeles Lakers (10-16)

When: 8 p.m. ET

Where: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH

Enemy Blog: Silver Screen and Roll


Online: Watch TNT

Cavs injuries: Isaiah Thomas (OUT - hip), Derrick Rose (OUT - ankle), Iman Shumpert (OUT - left knee), Dwyane Wade (TBD - knee)

Lakers injuries: None to report, sir.

Three keys to the game:

  • This isn’t a key to the game, but get ready for TNT to salivate about the LeBron-to-LA storyline. Every quote James has about Lonzo, Magic Johnson, Luke Walton, or Brandon Ingram will be dissected and broken down at every conceivable angle. Basically, #HEGONE!
  • Brook Lopez has been a player that historically gives the Cavaliers trouble. He’s absolutely enormous, and he’s got great touch in the post paired with excellent footwork. Kevin Love will have his hands full, though Lopez is having the worst season of his career (13.2 points per game on 44 percent field goal shooting).
  • Brandon Ingram’s flashed potential as a rangy defender and playmaker after a tough rookie season. He’s also scoring at a legitimately decent clip, and if he’s able to find better range on his jumper, he should be a genuinely useful NBA player as he grows into his body.

Key Matchup

The Lakers are stocked with interesting players across the board, but it’s always fun to watch LeBron James go up against a young, long and talented defender. James normally has a reach advantage against most forwards, so watching him figure out how to play angles against the rare defenders that are actually taller and longer than him is a blast. Expect him to get into Brandon Ingram’s body and try to bully him on the way to the rim. It should be a fun chess match to watch.

Fear the Sword’s Fearless Prediction

The Cavaliers are good, and playing well, and the Lakers are not. If the Cavs lose though, it means that we have to burn it all down because LeBron is outta here. Cavs 103, Lakers 92.