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Podcast: Jedi Talk and Cedi Rocks

Lights, Camera, Podcast’s Jeff Lowe joins the Chase Down to talk about the Cavaliers streak, and of course, Star Wars.

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Los Angeles Lakers v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Welcome to the Chase Down Cavaliers Podcast on Leverage The Chat.

The Cavaliers have won 18 of their last 19 games, so the Chase Down welcomes Lights, Camera, Podcast’s Jeff Lowe joins the show to discuss Cedi Osman’s recent play, anticipation of Isaiah Thomas’ return, and of course, Star Wars (spoiler free!).

Here are the show notes for this week:

00:00-14:56: Introduction, Lights Camera Podcast, Star Wars review (spoiler free).

14:57-26:25: Cedi Osman, Wizards win, and recent play

26:26-30:59: Isaiah Thomas returning in January

31:00-34:31: Cavs ball movement

34:32-40:24: Paul George/OKC Talk

40:25-45:49: Jeff Green and Calderon exceeding expectations

45:50: Wrap up

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