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Cavaliers unveil new “City” jersey

The fourth jersey Nike jersey has been unveiled for the Cavs.

Nike’s overhaul of the Cleveland Cavaliers jerseys have been met with mixed reviews. While most of the new jersey designs were met with some initial backlash, as the team has worn them on the court they seem to have been embraced by the fans. But with the reveal of Nike’s “City” jersey, we now have the largest deviation from the color schemes and look that one would associate with the Cavs historically.

From Nike:


The jersey has a grey base, side panels inspired by Memorial Bridge Guardian statue, as well as the state of Ohio on the waist band. The new look also features “The Land” across the chest, rather than the “Cavs” or “Cleveland” we have seen on past jerseys.

Personally, I think the concept is interesting but could have been executed better. The team has recently incorporated black into their look, and as a result of that I feel as though there wasn’t the same need to go dramatically away from the base color scheme as other teams. For teams that have really only had one look historically, something like this may have worked. But I think this look with the Cavs traditional colors would have worked better.

Let us know what you think about these jerseys in the comments below. Do you love or hate them? Or are you waiting until you see it on the players?