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Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert progressing towards returns from injury

Isaiah Thomas isn’t the only Cavs that could be back soon.

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Isaiah Thomas hasn’t played in a game this year for the Cavaliers, but while all eyes are on the Cavs new point guard’s impending return, there are two other guards who haven’t suited up in a while.

Derrick Rose hasn’t played since November 7 due to lingering ankle problems and Iman Shumpert has been out since November 17 due to surgery on his meniscus, but’s Joe Vardon reports that they’re working their way back too:

"D Rose looked good the other day," Lue said Saturday, before the Cavs played the Jazz. "First time I seen him run without a limp. He was going through some stuff. He was doing three-man weave with a lot of pace and speed. So, did a lot of working out on the side with Phil (Handy) yesterday during practice, so he's coming along pretty well.

"You know Shump, he's always healing faster than he's supposed to, so he's coming along well also."

There’s no official updated timetable for a return for either player, but when they do return, they may not find a spot for themselves in the rotation. Dwyane Wade is firmly entrenched as the team’s backup point guard, Isaiah Thomas will be starting, and for Shump, J.R. Smith and Kyle Korver will continue to eat the vast majority of the minutes at shooting guard.

We haven’t heard any reporting about what the Cavs plan to do with either player in the rotation once they return, but I would be surprised if either played meaningful minutes of any kind, though Shumpert is more likely to find his way into the rotation.