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Kyrie Irving upends All-Star weekend with flat earth theory

The Cavs guard taps into the conspiracy theorist within us all

NBA: All Star Press Conference Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye have been putting together a podcast of late with Fox Sports Ohio analyst Allie Clifton for much of the season. It’s called Road Tripping with R.J. and Channing, and it’s been really fun. The guys have gotten LeBron James, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving to come on at various points, and it’s a relaxed and often illuminating look into the relationships the guys on the team have built.

The seventh episode featured Irving again, and he had some interesting thoughts on ... a lot of different subjects. The one that set the internet off was the idea that the earth is flat, which Irving said isn’t even a conspiracy. At one point, he apparently talked about planets as something that may not exist. As a geography teacher, this is pretty silly. We have land satellites that travel around the globe at high speeds taking pictures and measuring weather patterns and helping to resolve water disputes and helping farmers plan. They are pretty cool and the planet is a globe.

When asked about his comments in New Orleans for All-Star Weekend, Irving continued his push:

Hopefully Irving isn’t convincing kids all around the world that the well-established science around this is wrong, but otherwise, I’m not sure we need to delve too deeply into this one. Lots of people believe in lots of strange things. There are probably serious articles to write about this if you want them, but I don’t really want to write it.