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All-Star game live thread: Is it LeBron’s turn to put on a show?

LeBron James isn’t quite at the end of the road, but it might be his night either way

NBA: All Star Practice Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James is the most accomplished player in the NBA. He’s one of the best four or five players in the history of the league. He’s been an All-Star game MVP before. Just about everyone respects him. The East got blown out of this game last year. It never got competitive. I have a feeling James might take this one seriously. Go for another MVP. Try and keep the East in this. Maybe not.

Either way, the Cavs have both James and Kyrie Irving starting in this one. Thinking about where the organization was at five years ago vs. right now is pretty incredible. I wish Kevin Love were playing. Hang out here and enjoy the dunks and camaraderie of the best players in the world.