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Fear the Newsletter: All-Star weekend has come and gone

That and more in today’s newsletter.

NBA: All Star Game-Eastern at Western Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Here's today's Fear the Newsletter, where we will always try to set you up like Kyrie passing to LeBron off the glass.

TALK TO ME: All-Star weekend has now come and gone. Kyrie finished third in the three-point competition. Kyrie and LeBron connected for an alley-oop. And the game happened, lots of points were scored and stuff. Canton Charge guard Quinn Cook also balled out and won MVP in the D-League All-Star game.

LEGEND HAS IT: Everyone gets some deserved rest today. And the Cavs will probably/maybe sign Derrick Williams to another 10-day deal.

ALL DUE RESPECT: Well, everyone is off.

JOB WELL DONE: Here's how the Cavs should fill their open roster spot. Proof that Kyle Korver has been amazing since becoming a Cavalier. And Kyrie maybe thinks the world is flat.

CROWN: This Rolling Stone profile of BdotAdot5 (aka the guy who mimics NBA players' moves on YouTube) is fun. Teaching adults to eat. NY Mag on John McCain. The NYT's Scott Cacciola on players who only have gotten one triple-double. And ESPN's feature and the wackiness of online All-Star voting.

That's it for today. Drop your questions, comments and concerns to and we'll talk tomorrow after tonight's game.