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Quinn Cook to sign 10-day contract with Dallas Mavericks

The Charge’s star guard is getting an NBA shot.

Canton Charge guard Quinn Cook is getting his NBA shot.

According to The Step Back’s Chris Reichert, Cook is set to sign a 10-day deal with the Dallas Mavericks. Interestingly enough, veteran point guard Deron Williams is leaving the team to reportedly join the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now, the Mavs look to be poaching Cook from the Cavs’ D-League affiliate.

It’s not clear if Cook will still play tonight for the Charge against the Delaware 87ers, as the team has yet to announce the move. But if a deal is in place for Cook, he’ll likely be a late scratch.

For the year, Cook is averaging 26.1 points and 6.7 assists per game. He also was the MVP of this year’s D-League All-Star game. He was also last year’s D-League Rookie of the Year.

Canton now will have to reorganize a bit, as Cook runs the offense most of the time under coach Nate Reinking. Recently acquired Jordon Crawford likely will get extended minutes and Cavs rookie Kay Felder could also fill minutes. Felder is currently on assignment with Charge and has played two games for them so far. And if Williams comes to Cleveland, it’ll become even harder for him to sign consistent playing time.

Cook will likely get to play in Dallas, but he will be splitting time with another D-League standout in Yogi Ferrell. Ferrell also has already signed a two-year deal with the Mavs. The best scenario for him here is that he’ll play well enough over a few 10-day deals to get signed for the rest of the season and audition for teams in hopes of landing a contract for next season, whether that’s with the Mavs or another NBA team. Dallas also has Seth Curry on its roster in addition to veteran guard J.J. Barea, who is currently injured.

Cook was previously linked with the New Orleans Pelicans, who he spent the preseason with. The Pelicans elected to sign veteran guard Jarrett Jack to a 10-day deal instead.