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Watch: Derrick Wiliams throws it down on the break

Somehow, the Cavs are doing things without their best players.

Right place, right time for a powerful slam from Derrick Williams with Kay Felder assisting:

Saturday’s Cavs game is a weird one for the Cavs. LeBron James is out due to an illness. Kevin Love continues to be out due to knee surgery. J.R. Smith is out with his thumb injury. And as a result, Tyronn Lue is having to use unorthodox lineups that will probably never see the light of day when the team is 100 percent healthy.

The lineup Williams played with here is a prime example and the Cavs used it for almost seven minutes in the first half against the Bulls. With Felder at point guard, Kyle Korver at shooting guard, Williams at small forward, James Jones at power forward and Tristan Thompson at center, the Cavs really shouldn’t be able to do much. But after a seven-point swing to end the first, the group rebounded in the second to take back the lead with Kyrie Irving on the bench. This dunk was the highlight.