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Watch: Kyrie Irving crosses up Robin Lopez

He’s not really fair sometimes.

Kyrie Irving just did Robin Lopez dirty.

This is really a textbook Irving crossover. He shields the ball from Lopez and from the other defenders, basically hiding himself from everyone. And then he makes his move, creating space to lay it in over a seven-footer in Lopez.

Once Irving got Lopez into space, it was basically over. Just filthy from Kyrie, who is carrying the entire team tonight with LeBron James and Kevin Love out. The Cavs need him to do this type of stuff a lot tonight too. With Kay Felder struggling, Irving is really the Cavs’ only option at point guard. DeAndre Liggins has played a few minutes at the spot, but it’s gone about as well as expected. In short: it’s not good. Deron Williams’ debut - which might be Monday - can’t come fast enough.

Even so, this Irving crossover is just so fun. Sometimes, he’s just not fair.