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Kyrie Irving covers the new issue of SLAM

The Cavs star is on the cover of their All-Star issue.

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving is on the cover of the next issue of SLAM Magazine.

Irving, who will start in this year’s All-Star game, is on the cover of SLAM’s All-Star issue.

From their piece announcing the cover:

And who better to cover such an issue than Kyrie Irving? It isn’t really part of the Kyrie narrative, but on the low, the Cavs PG might be Mr. All-Star Weekend. Think about it: In 2012, Irving broke onto the scene by scoring 34 points and dishing 9 assists in the Rising Stars Challenge, taking home MVP. The subsequent year he once again showed out in the Rising Stars Challenge (you recall what happened to Brandon Knight, yes?) then won the Three-Point Shootout on Saturday and had a strong 15-point performance off the bench in the All-Star Game on Sunday. He followed that up by going for 31 points and 14 assists in 2014’s ASG, winning MVP. Not a bad little résumé.

It’s not just the accomplishments, though, that make Kyrie so damn fun, and therefore so perfect for All-Star Weekend. It’s his whole demeanor. His vibes, to use a term I wish I left in 2016. His seemingly ever-present affability. His hilarious Uncle Drew alter ego. His legitimately cool signature sneakers. And most importantly, his game itself, with those ball-on-a-string handles and clutch jumpers that are perfectly formulated for the modern era of bite-sized looping videos. (RIP Vine—miss you so much.)

If you want to pick this up, you can find SLAM at newsstands everywhere.