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Watch: Deron Williams sets up LeBron dunk vs. Magic

Deron Williams and LeBron James connected in the pick and roll for an easy two.

One of the reasons the Cavaliers signed Deron Williams was because he could help run the second unit. Specifically, his track record as a good pick and roll guard made him an intriguing fit with LeBron James on the second unit.

That was on full display here, as a LeBron/Williams pick and roll ended with LeBron dunking all over the Magic:

This is isn’t quite as deadly as the LeBron/Kyrie Irving pick and rolls that the team has leaned on. But this a good alternative and it allows LeBron to become a 240-pound force going through the middle of the lane instead of just standing near the top of the key. And as plays like this show, Williams and LeBron have found some chemistry already despite Williams having only played five games with the Cavs.

Plus, getting LeBron opportunities to dunk typically is a good thing for the Cavs’ offense.