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Watch: Iman Shumpert sets up easy two points for Tristan Thompson

Shumpert hit Thompson with a no-look pass.

Iman Shumpert is having one of his best games of late Saturday against the Magic. He lead the Cavs with 12 first half points, is playing solid defense and also has two assists.

One assists set up an easy Tristan Thompson dunk. Shumpert cut off ball, beat his man to a spot and caught a pass from Thompson. But instead of going up a layup, he took advantage of Nikola Vucevic reacting to him and found Thompson for two:

This play, and really his entire first half performance, is what the Cavs need from Shumpert. He’s struggled as a shooter of late, and with J.R. Smith back, it’s hard to envision his minutes being cut. But with Kyle Korver out with a sore foot and Smith working his way back slowly, Shumpert is playing better than he had been in about a month.

Games like this are a reminder that the Cavs have three good players at shooting guard. That’s a good problem to have.