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Fear the Newsletter: Let’s talk about the Cavs’ defense

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NBA: Washington Wizards at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Here's today's Fear the Newsletter, where we will always try to set you up like Kyrie passing to LeBron off the glass.

TALK TO ME: The Cavs lost to the Wizards last night and, for the second time in three games, gave up 70-plus points in the first half. After the game, the team's defense was the primary focus. And if you're wondering about Larry Sanders, here's an update.

LEGEND HAS IT: The Cavs travel to Texas today ahead of a game Monday against the Spurs. The Celtics' game against the Heat is probably the most important part of Cleveland's day.

ALL DUE RESPECT: Clippers 108, Jazz 95. Raptors 94, Mavericks 86. Spurs 106, Knicks 98. The Warriors, Celtics and Rockets had the night off.

The Cavs enter Saturday .5 games up on the Celtics, 2.5 games up on the Wizards and and 3.5 games up on the Raptors.

JOB WELL DONE: LeBron's goggles didn't even make it a quarter against the Wizards.

Also: Subscribe to the Locked on Cavaliers podcast. Tomorrow's show will cover the Cavs' defense and preview Monday's Cavs-Spurs game,

CROWN: io9 has a deep breakdown into the 'Justice League' trailer, as does Jawiin. The WaPo's Candace Buckner has a look at last night's game from the Wizards side. The WaPo also has a great look at the contrasting styles of North Carolina and Kentucky's roster building. The Boston Globe's Spotlight team has a deep dive into Massachusetts' failing mental health care system. And The Athletic's Travis Sawchik has five concerns to consider about the 2017 Cleveland baseball team.

That's it for today. Drop your questions, comments and concerns to and we'll talk again tomorrow.

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