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The Cavs are going to waive Andrew Bogut

Bogut broke his leg during his first game with Cleveland.

Miami Heat vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Andrew Bogut’s time with the Cleveland Cavaliers will soon be at an end.

According to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, the Cavs will waive Bogut in order to free up a roster spot. Per McMenamin’s report, the Cavaliers could waive another player - most likely guard DeAndre Liggins - in order to lessen the costs with associated signing Bogut. The veteran center cost the Cavs nearly $1 million in salary and luxury tax fees. Signing another player for the rest of the season would cost roughly the same.

If the Cavs do waive Liggins, and a team claims him before he becomes a free agent, Cleveland could get off the hook for his salary. Liggins is making $1.015 million this season, per The Vertical. He has a team option next season worth $1.577 million.

Per McMenamin’s report, the Cavs plan to waive Bogut after they complete a three game road trip that starts Thursday in Detroit. It wraps up on Sunday in Houston, meaning Bogut would likely be waived on Monday. Cleveland also plans to target a free agent and offer a contract in lieu of holding another free agent workout.

Larry Sanders, who did work out the Cavs before the team elected to sign Bogut, could be an option.