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Cavaliers Postgame Quotes: 3/31 vs Philadelphia 76ers

The Cavaliers discussed their blowout win against the 76ers that snapped a three-game losing streak.

Philadelphia 76ers v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Editors Note: As we head into the postseason, the staff at Fear the Sword will be providing transcripts of some of the best quotes from the Cavaliers postgame media availability after every game for those of you who might not want to comb through 20 minutes of video. Enjoy!

Kyrie Irving (via

on his unusual role of “enforcer” vs the 76ers

“I’m still not [an enforcer], but whether it was malicious or not, when I was in the play, I caught the tail end of it and I kind of saw Justin [Anderson] lower his shoulder and knock down Bron, and then that kind of took me out of the play . . . I was like, ‘I hope he doesn’t get the basketball again,’ otherwise I got to do something, I got to protect my brother so . . . You know, [there’s a] a lot of late hits on Bron, a lot of guys trying to get one over on him, so it’s over for that. It’s over for that. Just trying to protect anybody and everybody on my team.”

on the Cavaliers process

“We needed this game, we needed to get this win, we needed to play well, we understood that, and we got to keep building from here . . . Our process was started about five days ago, six days ago, and now the seeds have been planted and now they it’s just going to grow, and I’m excited about it.”

on leaving March behind

“2017’s been a growing year already, and a lot of changes, a lot of new faces and it’s just starting to slow down for us and we’re starting to understand just how important the little things are really going to matter going forward. What we faced over the last few months hasn’t been the biggest adversity or the peak of adversity that we’re going to face. It’s going to get harder and we understand that and we’ve got guys that are built for it.”

LeBron James (via

on Kyrie Irving’s shove of Justin Anderson

“I think it was protecting me from getting shoved. So, it’s what it’s about. We’re a brotherhood around here, we don’t let nothing happen to each other.”

on J.R. Smith’s strong night

“It was very fluid. The shots he had, he took, the ones he didn’t, he gave up. He had some bounce in his step tonight, you saw on the lob I hit him for, but he was very in control of his game tonight and his shot looked very well tonight.”

Tyronn Lue (via

on the team’s defense in the last two games

“When we’re able to blitz pick and rolls and be aggressive on pick and rolls, that gives us the chance to get into passing lanes and create turnovers and . . . get some easy baskets . . . Defensively, we’ve got to be more aggressive, we can’t be as passive as we’ve been in the past. The last two games were a step in the right direction, and we’ve got to keep building on it.”

on why he played DeAndre Liggins in the second quarter

“Just wanted to give him a look. The energy and spark he provides defensively . . . with Saric bringing the ball up the floor, I thought Liggins could get up in the backcourt and pressure him, slow the offense down which he did in that second quarter and gave us a great lift and that’s what we need from him.”

on whether Liggins will earn more time going forward

“We’ll see. Hopefully we can get him on the floor, but it’s tough when we get Kyle and RJ back, it’ll be tough, so we’ll see if we can get him in the mix and find minutes here and there for him. We’ll see how it goes.”