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Watch: Kay Felder sets up a Kevin Love and-one

The Cavs’ rookie point guard is getting a chance to play Monday.

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With the Cavaliers resting Kyrie Irving and LeBron James Monday against the Heat. reserves are getting a chance to play. Among those is rookie point guard Kay Felder, who has spent more time in the D-League than the NBA lately.

Felder, though, is playing well early off the bench. And, while not the prettiest play he had a fun pick and roll with Kevin Love in the first quarter where he adjusted after leaping to set up Love’s roll towards the rim and a foul:

It’s good for Felder to get his opportunities. With the Charge having rapped up their season over the weekend, Felder’s only real chance to play is in situations like this. Once the playoffs start, he’ll be riding the pine.

Felder has also improved since spending longer stretches with the Charge. The game looks like it’s coming slower for him and he’s not quite as erratic as he was early in the year. Even in game that doesn’t necessarily mean a lot, it’s nice for Felder to get a chance to showcase his improvement.