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Cleveland Cavaliers talk: Discussing the Cavs late-season fade with Chase Thomas

Are the Cavs in trouble? Do the players get along? I talked about it with Chase Thomas

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

There have been takes from all corners from the internet on what ails the Cleveland Cavaliers as the regular season slowly, painfully comes to an end. I thought it was finally time for me to weigh in. What are the problems in Cleveland? Are the Cavs worried? Should they be worried? Is there a switch that can be flipped? Do the players like each other?

I went on Chase Thomas’s podcast and discussed all that and more. You can listen to it on iTunes, with a link to download it right here. I’m on episode 28, and we talked about the games with the Atlanta Hawks and where the team is at overall. Chase is a smart basketball fan based out of Atlanta, so he’s seen the Hawks all year. His thoughts on what he saw during the games on Friday and Sunday are worth listening to.

I saved the most passion for our discussion of Iman Shumpert. He ... has not impressed me recently. We’ll have all kinds of playoff coverage going forth.