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Lil’ Kev returns for the NBA Playoffs on Richard Jefferson’s Snapchat

Lil’ Kev is back!

He’s back, ladies and gentlemen.

The Tommy Bahama model known to Cavaliers fans only as “Lil’ Kev” has made his return for the playoffs on Richard Jefferson’s snapchat.

Lil’ Kev became something of a rallying point for the Cavaliers and went a long way towards calming fans’ fears that the team’s chemistry wasn’t exactly on point. The model, who bears a striking resemblance to Kevin Love (who models for Banana Republic), hadn’t been seen all season.

During a Road Trippin’ podcast earlier this year, Jefferson was asked why we hadn’t seen Lil’ Kev, and RJ responded by joking that Lil’ Kev was not too different from the Cavaliers - he doesn’t really show up until the playoffs.

Regardless, it’s a fond memory of when this team started to become the lovable, ridiculous bunch that makes Cavs fans so fond of them, and any direct, unfiltered window into the lives of the players goes a long way for the fanbase.

It’s time for the playoffs. Lil’ Kev is ready. We’ll see how the team looks against the Pacers in just a couple hours.