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Kyrie Irving passes Mark Price, becomes 2nd on Cavs all-time playoffs scoring list

Kyrie is now the second-most prolific Cavalier playoff scorer in team history.

Indiana Pacers v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Two Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Kyrie Irving continues to etch his place as an all-time great Cavaliers , and when he crossed the 19-point threshold, he passed Mark Price to move to second on the all-time leaderboard for Cavalier playoff scoring.

LeBron is currently the all-time leader for the franchise, with 3,266 points going into tonight’s Game 2. Price, now third, sits at 818, which shows the enormous gulf between LeBron and literally everybody else.

The fact that Irving is already second on this list is absolutely incredible. He is 17th in playoff games for the franchise, so this isn’t just a factor of volume. Sure, the Cavaliers have been to the Finals two years in a row, but Irving missed a ton of the action in his first playoff series, so this is really a byproduct of some pretty insane volume.

Until some of Kyrie’s plus-minus metrics improve, there will always be a debate about his value in the league. That said, it’s really hard to score in the postseason, when all your plays have been scouted and teams are specifically trying to take away what you do well.

The fact that Kyrie Irving is currently shooting 46 percent from the field and 43 percent from three on 18 attempts per game is a testament to how unreal his scoring ability is, and that will always have value when things get tight in the postseason. My guess is that he’ll never come close to number one on the list, but there won’t be anybody wearing Wine and Gold that will come close to his spot on the leaderboard for a very, very long time.