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Kyle Korver switching to Kyrie 3’s to help alleviate foot issues

Kyle Korver has been dealing with foot issues, and he’s turning to his teammate for the fix.

Washington Wizards v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Kyle Korver missed 10 games in March due to inflammation of a tendon in his left foot, and’s Joe Vardon is reporting that the fix might be coming “in-house” its own way.

Korver is switching to the Kyrie 3 shoe to help alleviate some of that tension. Korver reportedly felt that the Nike Kobe A.D. that he was wearing wasn’t built for the sharp cuts Korver needs to make within the Cavaliers offense, while the Kyrie 3’s are built with extra support to keep the wearer from putting too much weight on the outside of their foot.

One would hope that this helps alleviate Korver’s issues, as I don’t think anybody expected him to miss this much time. That said, I think it’s fair to maintain a degree of skepticism.

The right pair of shoes can go a long way, but this is something that’s clearly vexed the Cavaliers training staff as they haven’t been able to get Korver back on the court for any remotely long stretch of time. It would be ideal if this provides some long-term aid for Korver and gets him closer to 100% as we head into the playoffs.