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Watch: LeBron powers through Pacers defense for and-one

LeBron’s playing physical early in Game 4.

Here’s LeBron James, taking advantage of the smallest opening in the Pacers defense and drawing the foul for the and-one early in the first quarter of Sunday’s Game 4:

This play starts with James seeing Paul George look just slightly the other way towards Kyrie Irving. He sees the opening and George reacts late. Myles Turner tries to stop James’ drive, but he, too, is late. All that’s left for them to do is foul James and hope it would be enough to stop James. It wasn’t; he’s too strong for glancing hits to stop him from getting his shot off or from finishing at the rim. Neither player, it’s worth noting, ever got in front of James. Once he took that first step, the Pacers’ defense was compromised.

At the end of the clip, you can see Turner whip around towards George as if to ask ‘Which of us should have gotten in front of him?”. The answer is both.