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Watch: Deron Williams fakes out Paul George, scores an easy two points

One look towards LeBron created a clear lane.

Deron Williams, with one look towards LeBron James, created all the space he needed to score an easy two points:

This is exactly why the Cavs signed Williams. Unlike Matthew Dellavedova, the point guard on last year’s LeBron-plus-bench units, Williams is a high-level creator. He can get his own shot and can run an offense, something that has made him a really good fit with LeBron.

This is a perfect example of what Williams brings to the Cavs. He resets the offense and immediately attacks when Pacers center Myles Turner steps out to defend him. With James in the corner, George is the last line of defense. He, possibly, could have stepped in front of Williams, forced a pass and recovered to guard James. But Williams’ head fake made George look back just long enough to clear the lane.

In seven second quarter minutes, Williams scored 12 points, had one assist, made three three-pointers and made four of five three throws. He finished with a plus-minus of +5 over that stretch - not too shabby as the Cavs look to wrap up their first round series Sunday.