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Watch: Kevin Love sets up LeBron and-one with pinpoint outlet pass

These are always fun.

Kevin Love hitting LeBron James with pinpoint outlet passes is always fun:

Love, as he always seems to be, immediately is in position to throw the outlet pass when he catches the rebound. It helps, too, that when it looked like Love was going to get the rebound, LeBron jogged to the other side of the court with his head turned back looking to see if the pass was coming. When Love grab the rebound and looked to pass, James cut to the opposite block to post up against Paul George. And the moment he catches the ball, he spins, scores and gets fouled. He missed the free throw, but still a pretty good result for Cleveland.

So often, Love to James connections feel like a quarterback hitting at receiver running a streak route in stride. This was more a tight end running a post pattern and the quarterback hitting his tight end with a pass only the tight end could grab.