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Watch: LeBron chases down, blocks Thad Young

He’s good at these.


Right after LeBron James chased down Thad Young and blocked his shot, ESPN broadcaster Kevin Jones said that Young ‘now knows how Iguodala feels’. Andre Iguodala, of course, was who James blocked in his best (and most important) block ever.

This is that, just on much smaller scale:

This has all the elements of classic James chasedown blocks. As he runs back in pursuit of Young, he sees the opening and runs a little harder in order to catch up. As Young bulldozes past J.R. Smith and goes up for the layup, James is above him, his hand waiting to swat away the ball. And, at 32 with a historic amount of lot on his leges, James gets up high enough where he has to duck his head to avoid hitting the rim. He the uses the path to the locker room as a personal runway.

Young may not feel like Iguodala, who later called James’ block ‘dope’. Game 4 of the first round of the playoffs isn’t Game 7 of the Finals. Even so, getting blocked like this doesn’t feel great when your team’s season is on the line.