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NBA Playoffs open thread: Bucks vs. Raptors and Hawks vs. Wizards

The Cavs play the winner of Bucks-Raptors. We’ll know more after tonight

NBA: Playoffs-Toronto Raptors at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Cavs won’t play for another week, but the NBA rolls on. Bucks-Raptors is tonight, and the series is tied up at 2. The Cavs will play the winner in Cleveland next Monday night. Either series promises fun storylines. If it’s the Bucks, it’s the young up and coming team with Matthew Dellavedova returning to the Q and the team that made him an NBA player - and champion.

If the Raptors win, you’re looking at a rematch with a team that added Serge Ibaka to a team that pushed the Cavs to six games a year ago. They’ll be looking for revenge, and Kyle Lowry will be looking for redemption. It’d at least be interesting to see the Cavs play a team they know they have lost a couple games to before.

The Hawks and Wizards will play in the other early game, and the Wizards have one more game to take full control of the series. Discuss it all here. I should be around for a lot of the night.