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The Cavaliers really wanted the Bucks to win so they didn’t have to practice Friday

Richard Jefferson’s Snapchat: Illuminating, as always

Ignore the cadre of Cavaliers beat reporters that tirelessly cover the team; all you really need to know about the state of the Cavaliers is to follow Richard Jefferson on snapchat (seriously though also pay attention to the reporters.)

The Cavaliers next series was starting on Monday no matter what, but apparently, the team didn’t have to practice if the Bucks extended the series in Game 6.

It...showed in Jefferson’s snapchat story.

What’s the old saying? “The enemy of my enemy is my friend?”

Well, in this case, the Bucks are the Cavaliers enemy, but the other enemy is “having to work” and god knows that made the Bucks an friend for this team for at least a night.

On a non-joke note, this is another reason why Jefferson’s snapchat has been so important for public perception of this team. Even compared to other athlete’s snapchats, Jefferson’s are particularly unfiltered and give you a look at the psyche of the team that you just can’t get anywhere else.

The Cavaliers didn’t get their wish, and they had to practice today as the Raptors held off a furious Bucks charge in the fourth quarter to advance to the Eastern Conference Semifinals. We’ll see how passionate the Cavaliers are about getting more rest by their energy and focus level in this upcoming series.