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WATCH: Iman Shumpert joins the party, yams on Serge Ibaka

LeBron wasn’t getting the only dunk highlight of the first quarter.

Well, we already got to see LeBron throw down one of the nastiest alley-oops of his career, but Iman Shumpert wasn’t content to be left out of the action.

The Cavaliers guard who has tried to posterize about a thousand different players and actually succeeded only a few times got one to go down, this time absolutely yamming on Serge Ibaka.

This was absolutely ridiculous, and it’s good to see one go down for Shumpert. Shump has had a really strong playoffs after being benched in the first six quarters of the series.

That said, he did immediately follow that possession with an airballed three, so the Shump experience will always likely carry some yin and yang.