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Richard Jefferson fires back at Draymond Green

Two of the league’s most quotable players are going at it.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In a move that should surprise nobody, Richard Jefferson has spoken out about Draymond Green’s comments about the Cavs opponents so far in the playoffs.

Green wasn’t impressed by or interested in the Cavs sweeps of the Toronto Raptors and Indiana Pacers.

I just watched San Antonio-Houston," he said to Daniel Mano of The Mercury News. "I like to watch good basketball. When you watch Cleveland play, you’re only watching one side of the good basketball. That’s kind of weak.

First of all, this has to hurt to hear if you are a player, fan, or involved with any of the mentioned teams. While his comments aren’t criticizing Cleveland, rather just the path they’ve played, it inevitably is going to come across as minimizing their accomplishments. Considering the Warriors haven’t been tested either, Green is probably the wrong messenger for these comments.

Jefferson, recognizing the irony of his comments, decided to fire back in spectacular fashion on the latest Road Trippin Podcast:

Perhaps this exchange and the inevitable series of clap-backs that will follow will start the transition towards these teams directly trash talking each other again. Up to this point, the back and forth has mostly been confined to expressing how little each team cares about their current playoff series. From the Warriors complaining about Utah’s nightlife, to LeBron James expressing his desire to be at Coachella and grabbing a beer on the sideline.

Regardless of what follows, it’s great that both teams have outspoken players that aren’t afraid to ruffle feathers. While it may not always be advisable, it’s consistently entertaining.