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Adam Silver isn’t concerned about the Cavs and Warriors’ dominance

Silver, while wanting parity, says the basketball is “fantastic” to watch.

NBA: All Star Game-Commissioner Press Conference Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

There has been some talk about whether or not the dominance of the Cavaliers and Warriors over the rest of the league is a good thing. Those who say the dominance is a bad thing point to games being predictable and boring. Currently, both teams look to be well on their ways to sweeping all three of their respective series en route to a third straight NBA Finals showdown.

On Friday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver shot down those concerns in an interview with ESPN’s Hannah Storm that also touched on team’s resting players:

“It’s not a concern. I think that we should celebrating excellence. People are already anointing these teams as dominant and franchise teams. But, on the other hand, I look at the [Warriors] that hadn’t won a championship in 40 years. The Cavaliers, of course, won last year and had never won a championship before in this league. As you know, you look back at the historic franchises in this league. The Celtics with 17 championships. The Lakers with 16. I think they have a long way to go before I would put them in that category. Of course you want to see balance throughout the league. At the same time, when teams are excelling and playing at that level, I think, the fan in me, it’s fantastic to watch.”

What Silver hints at rings true. The league has never really been known for its parity and past dynasties like the Bulls, Lakers and Celtics being popular. TV ratings this year were down in the regular season, but the playoffs have done well so far.

This issue probably won’t go away anytime soon, as it’s possible the Cavs and Warriors could dominate the league again next season. But if the Finals competitive, giving the season a real payoff, maybe some of the chatter will die down.

And even still, fans in Cleveland and Oakland are loving how good their teams are. That counts for something, too.