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Photo: The Browns’ first round picks are at Game 3

Some Cleveland love ahead of Cavs-Celtics.

Sometimes at Cavs games, stars of the city’s other teams make an appearance. Browns corner Joe Haden, for instance, is a regular. Indians stars Jason Kipnis and Michael Brantley are too. And recently, Browns second round pick DeShone Kizer attended a game and received a huge pop from the crowd.

At Game 3, the Browns’ top three picks from this year’s draft - defensive end Myles Garrett, safety Jabrill Peppers and tight end David Njoku - are all at a Cavs game for the first time.

All three will inevitably get a huge pop when they get time on the Cavs’ jumbotron and it’s always a fun moment to see. Cleveland, at its core, is a football town even as the Cavs are more popular than ever. But when the world’s blend like this, the passion of Cleveland fans is never more clear. And, maybe, the Browns’ picks will one day be winers like the Cavs.