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Tristan Thompson had a perfect reaction to LeBron saying he didn’t go bald like Michael Jordan

It’s okay to let go, LeBron.

LeBron James was asked about how Michael Jordan inspired him last night after James passed MJ for the top spot on the all-time scoring list.

LeBron went on to explain all the ways he patterned his game after Mike, whether it was shooting fadeaways before he should have started taking them, wearing a leg sleeve, wearing red shoes with white socks.

One thing he didn’t cop to was going bald like Mike did. And Tristan Thompson had the most perfect reaction.

LeBron’s hairline has been a constant (and literally moving) target for anybody that wants to clown him for years and James hasn’t quite been ready to fully transition into baldness just yet.

Whether it’s wearing a triple-wide headband to hide his hairline or potentially getting plugs (allegedly), James has taken some extreme measures to make sure nobody is talking about his hairline.

Unfortunately, all that does is get people talking about his hairline. Oh well. It’s good that LeBron is finally willing to joke about it a little bit, and it’s great to see his teammates clown him for it.