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Cavs announce new logo suite for 2017-18 season

Two new logos and an emphasis on black are part of the changes.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Cleveland Cavaliers announced a new logo suite for the 2017-18 season. Designed in partnership with Nike, who will be the NBA’s sole jersey manufacturer next season, the logos were designed to fit with new jerseys the team says will be unveiled later this summer.

The main change is the introduction of a global logo and a secondary shield logo. Additionally, black has been permanently added to the team’s color palette to pay homage to the black jerseys the Cavs wore while coming back from 3-1 in last year’s NBA Finals. Wine and gold remain the team’s primary colors with navy staying as a secondary color. The Cavs’ word mark is also now a different font.

You can get a look at how the new logos look on merch here. Here are up-close looks at the logos:

It’s hard to fully judge the logos without seeing them on jerseys, which also will feature the Goodyear logo next season. But this isn’t a complete revamp. The black is a fun nod to the most memorable season and moments in franchise history. This first look is promising.