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LeBron James on a preferred Eastern Conference Final opponent: “It doesn’t matter”

LeBron is feeling confident about where the Cavs are sitting.

NBA: Playoffs-Cleveland Cavaliers at Toronto Raptors Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Things couldn’t be much better for the Cleveland Cavaliers right now. They are 8-0 after two rounds of the playoffs and will now receive at least eight days off to prepare for the next round.

Following their 109-102 closeout win over the Toronto Raptors, LeBron James was asked if he had a preferred opponent for the Eastern Conference Finals. His response?

The confidence of LeBron James really shouldn’t be a surprise. Neither the Boston Celtics or Washington Wizards have a player that can make him work for his offense.

From a team perspective, both potential opponents have issues that are likely to be exposed by the Cavaliers. The Celtics have an inability to rebound and just don’t have enough firepower to hang with the Cavs. For Washington, they have struggled on the defensive end and don’t have much depth beyond their starting lineup.

Any potential scenario where the Cavaliers wouldn’t make the Finals was banking on their struggles being legitimate. With the team clicking and playing with confidence, there shouldn’t be any real concern heading into the next round.