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NBA Finals: Fear the Sword staff predictions for Cavs-Warriors

Cavs in six is a popular choice.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

In which members of the Fear the Sword staff predict the Finals.

Chris Manning (@cwmwrites): This is the best team the Cavs have add since LeBron returned. He’s been great, too, aside from Game 3 vs. Boston. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are clicking as well. But Golden State just makes the Cavs uncomfortable in ways no other team can. Ultimately, I think that wins out. Warriors in seven.

Mike Mayer (@MikeMayer_): The Cavs can win this series because of LeBron, but a lot of things will have to go their way. This is not breaking news, but the Warriors have a plethora of offensive weapons—although I actually think the Cavs can be just as explosive. The problem is that Golden State is also very good defensively. My heart says Cavs in seven. But my head says Warriors in six.

Michael Drapcho (@M_Drapcho21): The longer this series goes, the better it is for the Cavs. I have a hard time seeing the Cavaliers wrapping this up in anything fewer than six games, and that’s if everything breaks Cleveland’s way. Even though the Warriors enter the Finals as the favorites, I cannot bring myself to pick against LeBron James, especially with the way he has played throughout these playoffs. Cavs in seven.

Zack Geoghegan (@ZackGeoghegan): The heart says Cavs in six, (get ready for a cliche) but the heart doesn’t always get what it wants. I think the star power will be too much for the Cavs in the end despite Cleveland having the best player in the world. There’s one too many MVP’s in Golden State and I think they take the series in seven games.

Dylan Haines (@DHaines1): The Warriors were tough enough to defeat last season, and then they added Kevin Durant to the fold. The Cavs are better than they were last season, but the Warriors may have too much firepower to overcome, even with the LeBron factor. My heart says Cavs in six, but my brain says Warriors in seven. I'm going to go against common sense and go with my heart on this one.

Aaron Perine (@SumitLakeHornet): Things are going to get weird. Cavs in six. There will be some combination of the J.R. Smith 28 point game, Kyle Korver turning supernova for a game and the always lurking Steph/KD clunker that will be enough for the Cavs to steal this one. Heart of the Underdog in full effect.

Carter Rodriguez (@Carter_Shade): If the Cavaliers pull this off, it will be LeBon’s greatest achievement. The Warriors have firepower, depth, versatility, and most of all, and overwhelming amount of talent. I’m picking the Warriors in seven, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think the Cavaliers can win. Let’s go.

Justin Rowan: (@Cavsanada): Something something something, the Warriors are better team. Insert qualifying and hedging statement here. The Cavs are going to take this in 6 games. They have the edge in continuity, they have the weapons to hang around with Golden State, and LeBron James is playing the best basketball of his career. I understand how good the Warriors are, and like last season, no Finals result will change that fact. But the Cavs are repeating.