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LeBron and Draymond spent Thursday trolling each other

After a summer filled with 3-1 jokes and UltimateWarrior t-shirts, Draymond Green is clapping back.

Draymond Green’s petty t-shirt

After the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Finals last season, there was no shortage of pettiness from the Cavs side. The 3-1 jokes were at their peak; LeBron James wore the Ultimate Warrior shirt to compliment his Kermit sipping tea hat, there were tombstone cookies and “3-1 lead” drum sets, and pretty much anything else you could think of. The Cavaliers would stop at nothing to make sure the Warriors knew that they did indeed, fumble a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals with the first ever unanimous MVP. Alas, the tables have turned and the jokes are coming full-circle.

Draymond Green was seen rocking a “Quickie” shirt with the “Q” referencing the same font and style as the logo for Quicken Loans Arena in an interview. Draymond went on about how he took all of those beautifully crafted petty jokes from a season ago and used them as inspiration for the new shirt.

Now to be completely honest, that’s a great shirt and I give it a rating of 8/10 on the petty scale. Good for Draymond, he brought that shirt out quicker than when he was begging the Warriors GM to go out and acquire Kevin Durant after blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals with the first ever unanimous MVP. However, not to be out done by his peer and personal friend, LeBron quickly took to Instagram to call him out.

Draymond unknowingly set LeBron up with the perfect lob and he didn’t hesitate to slam it home all over JaVale McGee’s hypothetical face and body. But it doesn’t stop there, Draymond comes back again, upping the petty meter to a boil.

Draymond gave LeBron an easy one and then LeBron did the same. LeBron posted his new bald look to Instagram and I’m not sure if I should be excited or intimidated. While bald LeBron does frighten me, it was the perfect situation for a call-out and Draymond executed it perfectly. It should be noted again that LeBron and Draymond are friends and recently collaborated together on a video for Uninterrupted. This petty war between friends definitely lightens the blow of borderline depression fans have been feeling since the Cavs lost and I’m all here for much much more of this type of “trash talk”.