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LeBron James dunks on kids at son’s birthday party

LeBron James has no mercy when he’s rolling to the hoop, even for 10-year-olds.

LeBron James makes his love of being a parent known just about whenever he can, but he really upped the stakes for his son Bryce for his tenth birthday party.

This is pretty much any 10-year-old’s dream birthday. Custom-painted end zones, pick-up basketball on a private court, and, of course, water balloon fights.

As with any LeBron social media post, I had questions.

Did he get a drone to brag about the end-zones? Who edited this video for him? Did he subcontract it out, or did he pop open iMovie and pop on those cross dissolves himself. Why is he the only one seen using the JUGS machine? Why does LeBron have a JUGS machine?

The actual, non-joke first thought isn’t about the fun Bryce had on his birthday, but rather his friends. Getting to play pickup ball with LeBron James is something less than 1% of the population gets to do. Getting dunked on by LeBron? That’s priceless.