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Cavaliers working to acquire Jimmy Butler

Could the Bulls star wing be heading to Cleveland?

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

If you were expecting a quiet summer from the Cleveland Cavaliers, I think it’s officially time to adjust your expectations.

Yesterday it was revealed that the Cavs have been approached by the Indiana Pacers in an effort to work out a deal for Paul George. Today, we now hear from Marc Stein that the Cavs have been working on a multi-team trade scenario to try and acquire Jimmy Butler from the Chicago Bulls.

This is a very surprising development, as it does not appear like the Cavs have the assets to make a deal like this work. Butler has term on his deal, unlike George, however he is not a seamless fit in comparison to George.

Butler needs the ball in his hands far more than George and isn’t as reliable as a shooter. However either player would help the Cavs more against the Golden State Warriors than Kevin Love would, which is the idea. There isn’t a lot of information available at the moment, but it would seem a lot could happen between now and Thursday’s NBA Draft.