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Ice Cube says that he’s happy for Billups’ opportunity with Cavaliers

Billups was supposed to be a banner name in Ice Cube’s new league.

Ice Cube’s Big 3 basketball league is getting started, and Chauncey Billups was set to co-captain the Killer 3’s with Stephen Jackson. Well, he was set to co-captain the Killer 3’s.

Ice Cube was asked about which team in the league he was looking forward to watching, this via TMZ.

“It was Killer 3’s for a minute, but since Chauncey took that job, it might change.”

Now, Billups has not, by any reported measure, “taken that job” but it’s obviously looking very encouraging that he could find himself in the Cleveland Cavaliers front office after taking a second meeting with Dan Gilbert today.

That said, Ice Cube wasn’t too salty about the idea of losing one of the big names from his upstart league.

“We think guys are gonna get back in the league with the Big 3, so we encourage guys to continue their NBA careers.”

We’ll see what happens with the Billups situation. It certainly looks like the team thinks highly of him and they could very well have a new head honcho for their front office by the end of the week.

Until then, the Big 3 league will be missing a banner name. I think Ice Cube is going to handle it just fine.