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Cavaliers offer Chauncey Billups 5-year deal to run front office

The Cavaliers look to resolve their front office vacancy quickly.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have been without a GM or Vice President for basketball operations since David Griffin and Trent Redden parted ways with the organization, but it appears that Dan Gilbert is looking to change that.

Jason Lloyd of the Athletic is reporting that the Cavaliers have made a five-year offer to top (and only) candidate Chauncey Billups to lead the front office, and that they are waiting on an answer from the former five-time All-Star.

Billups, as we’ve all been made well aware of by now, has no experience in any NBA front office, and the Cavaliers haven’t interviewed literally anybody else for the position.

This says two things. One, they’re very confident that Billups is their man. He’s well respected in NBA circles and obviously very close with Tyronn Lue and reportedly, Dan Gilbert as well. The second thing it tells us is that the Cavaliers have had the idea that the David Griffin era was on the precipice of going down in smoke for a while, and that they had Billups in mind well before the events of Monday.

A five-year deal to head the franchise is not insignificant, and it could give Billups the leeway to find his way early on. Should he accept, the team needs to move quickly in hiring a GM who knows the inner-workings of the CBA and has a wealth of experience.

I’d be stunned if Billups walked away from this offer, but then, the Cavaliers are prone to do stunning things. We’ll see how this shakes out.