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Look: Here’s one potential design for the Cavaliers’ new jerseys

With the change over from Adidas to Nike, here’s what the new jerseys could look like.

Brian Begley of New Jersey

The logo isn’t going to be the only change for the Cleveland Cavaliers. With the switch from Adidas to Nike, the NBA is going to be receiving a jersey make-over and the Cavs are no exception.

While the actual designs are likely still being worked on and a re set to be revealed at a later date to be determined, there are some concepts floating around online. One of the best collections that’s out there right now has been put together by Brian Begley.

He put together concept art for multiple teams that can be viewed in it’s entirety here.

Here is his potential design for the Cavs jerseys:

Brian Begley of New Jersey

Personally, I love these. I think it’s likely that the new jerseys will be similar to the existing jerseys with a little twist. Which is exactly what these concepts represent. The black jersey in particular really stands out.

The blue and orange one is different, but I think it’s one that could grow on me. My personal favorite Cavs jersey look is the ones that utilize the “V” as a basket, so I hope that continues to at least be used in alternates moving forward.

What do you think of this concept? Is there something you hope to see with the new jerseys that these capture or lack? Let us know in the comments.