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Dan Gilbert is still evaluating the Cavs’ front office

The Cavs front office situation is still yet to be resolved.

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News: Detroit Auto Show Elaine Cromie -USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers offseason has been loud when it comes to drama, but quiet on actual moves. There hasn’t been any significant trades or signings of note on the roster or the front office.

After letting David Griffin walk and whiffing on Chauncey Billups, there hadn’t been a lot of noise regarding a search for another candidate. As a result of this, the assumption was that the team would go forward with it’s current front office. While that still seems like the most likely outcome, the process isn’t quite over yet.

In Jeff Zillgit’s report for USA Today regarding LeBron James’ concern over the team, it was mentioned that Dan Gilbert is still reviewing the front office they have in place:

According to a person familiar with the Cavs’ front office, Gilbert is continuing the process of evaluating the leadership roles, structure and potential candidates. He feels the current group in the room has been impressive and done a very good job in the short term as they have continued to take important steps to position the team for success. That group will continue to focus on that and Gilbert is confident this process will result in creating the strong leadership the team needs and expects, the person told USA TODAY Sports on Monday. The person was not authorized to speak publicly on the issue and requested anonymity.

It’s unclear how the lack of clarity over the front office situation has impacted their summer. When you combine that with the looming free agency of LeBron James, it may have hurt their ability to land free agents.

Having someone at the top that James respects and can help justify the decisions they make is incredibly important. The team isn’t always going to cater to him with every decision. There are going to be more moments like refusing to give Jamal Crawford more than the minimum so that they can sign Cedi Osman.

But when the people making these decisions may not even be the ones running the team by the time the season starts, then it becomes a problem. Not having a firm plan B and or evan a plan C in place after Griffin’s dissmissal continues to be one of the most disappointing aspects of the summer.