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NBA Trade Rumors: Cavs don’t currently have traction on a Kyrie Irving trade

The Cavaliers are taking calls on Irving, but no deal is close at the moment.

2017 NBA Finals - Game Five Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Kyrie Irving may be available on the trade market after making a request to be dealt to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski says that no deal is impending as of now while discussing Derrick Rose’s free agency visit to Cleveland today. From his story:

“Rose's visit comes amid Kyrie Irving's trade request, which the organization has been aware since starting discussions with Rose recently. The Cavaliers have been fielding multiple trade calls and offers for Irving in recent days but do not yet have traction on a possible deal, league sources said.”

This makes sense, as I can’t imagine the Cavaliers are in a rush to deal their superstar point guard who has two years of term left on his contract. They should really wait for the best possible scenario to fall into their laps before pulling the trigger, if they pull it at all. Kobe Bryant requested a trade in 2007, and was nearly sent to the Chicago Bulls, but the Lakers kept him and got things turned around. The Cavaliers still may be able to do that, but an angry LeBron James probably makes that prospect slightly more difficult.

It also makes sense that the Cavaliers reached out to Rose after being informed of Irving’s trade request. The fit is still odd, but these are desperate times, and the team should probably leave no stone unturned with the direction they want to go with a prospective Irving deal.