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LeBron James speaks out about Kyrie rumors

The king says “booooo”.

NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The news that Kyrie Irving requested a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers rocked the NBA world. One of the most surprising aspects of the news was the apparent fallout between he and LeBron James. The duo had seemed to move past a lot of their differences over the past few years and learned to get along. But with this news, all of that seemed to come undone.

Over the past few days there were reports that James would be unable to be in a room with Irving without assaulting him, as well as eager for the team to move him.

James took to Twitter on Tuesday to shoot these reports down:

Isn’t this team just the best? While the Irving trade request still hangs over the organization and it’s future, James speaking out about these reports is an encouraging sign that things haven’t completely broken apart.

If the team was in a position where James and Irving simply couldn’t be in a room together anymore, it would negatively impact their ability to get fair value in return for Irving. If the narrative changes, it helps them regain some leverage over other teams.

Plus there’s the long-shot possibility that James and Irving are able to sit down and discuss both of their roles in the future of the organization and agree to give this thing one more shot. While that seems unlikely, weirder things have happened.