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Here’s a first look at the Cavs’ new jerseys

New mock-ups are up for the Cavs Icon and Association uniforms.

The change from Adidas to Nike by the NBA means that we will see some sort of a league-wide redesign.

While the official jerseys still have not been revealed, it seems like we are one step closer towards seeing what the new Cavs jerseys will look like.

Earlier today a photograph was leaked on twitter of what just might be one of the newest Cavs jerseys:

The basic design for the jersey has been confirmed by Conrad Burry, who is a reliable source when it comes to news on jersey designs.

Inside his tweet there also is a mock-up of both the “Icon” and “Association” uniforms based on the leaked image and the description that was provided to him.

Personally, I love the white look with “Cavs” across the chest. While the wine look will still need some time to grow on me. It looks a lot like the Hawks new uniforms, but hopefully there won’t be any mixing and matching.

Let us know what you think of the potential new jerseys in the comments below.